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Why should I try contact lenses?

Posted on 14 April 2021

Why should I try contact lenses?

Some people can find the idea of wearing contact lenses daunting others take to them like a duck to water. Unlike some practices who only sell a limited range, our trained Opticians can find the best option for you, not just the best in a small portfolio. We are all different after all. Time of wear, hobbies, sports, occupation aswell as budget all need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right lenses for any wearer.

So, Why should you try contact lenses in 2021

1. Clear, crisp vision.
Contact lenses give you a full field of focussed vision wherever you look. For some prescription types, contact lens wear is the only way to achieve a higher level of vision.

2. Lenses are comfortable, safe, simple and easy to use, we will teach you everything you need to put them in and out and look after them and your eyes. Dont worry, if it takes 5 lessons (it wont) we will be there.

3. Improved Appearance
Personally i love my specs, but i know glasses wear isnt for everyone. Contact lenses can improve how you see yourself giving better self esteem and how others see you. So long Mr/Mrs Shy, Hello confident new you.

4. Lifestyle
Freedom to lead an active lifestyle including sports, leisure and outdoor activities.

5. No Fogging
In these times of mask wearing contact lenses can greatly improve your visual comfort

Contact lens trials are free so what have you got to lose? Call now to make an appointment to see what contact lenses can do for you!

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