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Sports and safety eyewear awareness month

Posted on Saturday, March 30, 2024

Sports and safety eyewear awareness month
Sports and safety eyewear awareness month

Safety specs may not be at the front of peoples considerations but every so often a news story crops up that brings their importance to light.

For some, they are a requirement for a persons job. A safety officer looks at the working environment and assesses what level of protection is required and these are provided as part of the role. For many others, Gardening, DIY and specific sports are common tasks that pose a risk to our sight even when/if regular specs are worn.

All certified safety eyewear in the Uk must be tested and issued with a certificate to show they meets British standards. The lenses will be engraved with the certification and standards met.

Markings required on the lenses of supplied protective spectacles:
N..................... Manufacturer’s mark
1...................... Optical class
S or F .............. Impact grade

There will probably also be a Kitemark, which is not a regulatory requirement, but a manufacturer’s stamp of quality. The Kitemark: is considered the world's premier symbol of trust, integrity and quality. It indicates that manufacturers carrying the mark have satisfied the most rigorous quality process. The scheme is developed by using BS, EN, ISO or Trade Association specification.

There are 3 levels of protection or impact grades that can be supplied in spectacles. These are:

Increased robustness

Lens made from thermally toughened glass or thickened plastic. This does as it says o the tin. Tougher than your usual specs but not impact resistant. These specs are tested by dropping a 22mm, 43g steel ball travelling at 5.1 metres per second or dropped from 1.3meters. The lens will withstand this impact undamaged.

Impact resistant

Made from Polycarbonate or Trivex. These provide the highest level of protection offered by protective spectacles or glasses. These are tested by firing a 6mm, 0.86g steel ball travelling at 45 metres per second towards the lens and ensuring no damage is caused.

Chemical resistant

Made from Trivex (Note also impact resistant) and withstand chemical damage aswell as impact damage.

Frames are dispensed depending on the task needs. Sports such as squash have very different frame requirements to someone who works in a factory so each frame is selected depending on the task needs with lenses meeting the requirements on impact and risk to eye.
Certain professions require specs such as above and the need of a face shield with or without a tint such as welding masks.

Protective eyewear is available for a variety of sports aswell as eyewear designed to enhance performance in sports settings. From rugby, cycling, shooting, football, squash and many more we have you covered. Just come in and ask one of our dispensing opticians who will be happy to recommend the best solution for you or your child.

At Colin Lee and Jenks Opticians we can provide a range of prescription safety glasses to keep eyes protected while at work or performing any task that may endanger your eyesight.
If you work in an environment that requires protective eyewear then we can work closely with your company to ensure their employees are protected to the required safety standards. Whatever your requirements we can provide them.

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