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Covid 19, Guidelines from March 2022.

Posted on 16 March 2022

Covid 19, Guidelines from March 2022.

March 2022 has seen the stop of mask wearing requirements in retail and hospitality settings.

It is important to remember that although on highstreets, As an opticians we are a health care setting in which restrictions still remain.
Much like in Hospitals, GP practices and Dentists we will remain with restrictions in place.

What you should expect when visiting us?

+ We still have screens set up around all close contact areas including testing equipment, dispensing and desk areas.
+ Masks should still be worn by all visiting the practice, masks can be provided at no extra cost. If you are exempt from mask wearing due to a valid health reason we will ask you to wear one during the brief periods of sight testing and dispensing where extremely close contact
is necessary eg when looking into the eye.
+ All entering the practice will be asked to gel their hands
+ Every frame tried on will cleaned before put back on display.

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