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Priority No1: What we are doing to keep you safe.

Posted on 30 September 2020

Priority No1: What we are doing to keep you safe.
Priority No1: What we are doing to keep you safe.

The world is a very different place than it was this time last year, when none of us had even heard of Coronavirus (Ahh the good old days)

We were offering emergency eye care throughout the lockdown, repairing specs from our cars, delivering contact lenses to doors and doing video consultations as well as face to face appointments when necessary.
No one wants another lockdown and even during local lockdowns our measures are in place to keep you safe and us open.

So here's what measures we have in place to keep you safe:

1. PPE (lots of it)
All our staff are kitted out with full PPE to be worn when in contact with our patients, this includes, face shields, masks, gloves and aprons.

2. Hand washing
We have hand gel stations all over the practices and we are asking all patients to wash their hands upon entering, remember you may have washed your hands when leaving the last shop you were in but you have touched a handle to come in since.
If you are sensitive to hand gel you are more than welcome to use one of our sinks to use soap and water or we will provide you with a pair of latex free gloves whilst inside.

3. Protective screens
We have screens placed over all of our desks in practice so that we are keeping you as safe as possible. It also gives our staff an area to enjoy a break from wearing the face shields all day.

4. Social distancing
We are limiting the number of people who can come in to practice so that we can ensure social distancing is maintained. This means we are booking appointments for collections, adjustments, fittings etc wherever possible. Its not to say we cant see you without an appointment but we may have to ask you to wait outside if there are too many people inside at that time.

5. Clean, Clean and Clean some more
We are cleaning everything you may come in touch with continuously throughout the day; chairs, desks, pens you name it we are cleaning it after every contact.
Inside the testing room we have always followed strict cleaning routines on chin rests etc but we have stepped this up also to include all furnishings.
With frames we have stopped patients trying any on without supervision, this means that we can keep any worn to one side where we are cleaning them with an approved cleaning agent which doesn’t age or fade the frames unlike alcohol based cleaners.

Rest assured, no matter what happens in our local areas, its safe to visit us. After all our sight is precious, let us look after it.

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