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Polarised sunspecs

Posted on 01 April 2021

Polarised sunspecs
Polarised sunspecs

With the summer around the corner and the chance of having a holiday this year on the cards, you may be looking to invest in a new pair of sunglasses. And a tint is a tint right? Wrong. There are loads of different types of materials and technology out there with a range of optical properties.

My personal favourite are Polarising lenses, but even within this market, they are not all alike with some having more advantages than others. Xperio are my personal favourite and since having my first pair, i have never tolerated a standard pair of tinted sunspecs ever again.

First of all let’s dispel the Jargon:

What does Polarised mean?
Light waves travel in many directions. When light waves reflect off of horizontal surfaces such as roads, water or ice they (the light beams) become concentrated horizontally. This is seen as visible glare, which can be uncomfortable for our eyes and potentially dangerous especially when driving as you may miss a hazard or be too blinded to keep your eyes open. This type of glare is not eliminated by regularly tinted lenses, a standard tint just lowers the intensity of the glare.
Lenses with Polarised technology allow only vertical directed light beams through the lens and therefore eliminate blinding glare for optimal visual comfort and safety. If your into your fishing you would have already at least heard about this form of lens, rather than see the water like a mirror you see straight into it seeing any of the fish below the surface, oh and rocks you may trip over.
In a nut shell, its the best lens form for drivers (no glare from road, no reflections of dashboard), anyone who spends time around water, snow or sand. Perfect for everyday use and even more so when on holiday.

And what is Xperio?
There are loads of polarising lenses on the market which in a nutshell all block out these horizontal light waves, but when you take light away you lose colour perception and clarity. This is where Xperio differs, this technology enhances colour perception. Xperio Polarised combines the 2 technologies; eliminates harsh, blinding glare and provides a pop making colours still stand out for a dynamic range of visual experience. This is achieved by improving colour perception and stopping dazzling light to travelling through the lens. Xperio also offers the highest level of UV protection meaning optimum ocular health properties too.

What are they available in?
This technology is available in both single vision (including no power) and various Varifocal designs meaning we can match them to your everyday lenses. The lenses can be made thinner and lighter if your prescription is higher.

There not just available in Grey and Brown colours either, we have loads of colours they can be made in and they can be made with a mirror finish too.

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